CF1 win Manchester Study Group’s SME competition!

We’re delighted to have won a place on Manchester University’s 2015 European Study Group in Industrial Mathematics.

The win will allow us to collaborate with the brightest and best in mathematical and computational science to further our work in the field of telematics. (That’s using technology to monitor the movement of remote objects such as fleets of vehicles, in case you were wondering!)

Telematics is becoming increasingly important to the insurance industry, for example, where placing a tracking device in vehicles allows insurers to monitor driver behaviour, estimate risk and reward those who drive more safely.

Over the next two years the volume of data generated by vehicle-based users is expected to grow to several million. But our work goes beyond driver behaviour, also looking at real-time responses to changes in circumstances, including dynamic factors such as weather, road works, accidents and elements of road design.

The specialist mathematical skills provided by Manchester University will help us in our long-term mission to build a centre of excellence right here in sunny Huddersfield, outside of London and the Oxbridge corridor.


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